A minor portion of absorbed fluoride is found in soft tissues through a steady-state distribution between extracellular and intracellular fluids. Fluoride is typically an ionic form of fluorine, which is a natural mineral found in water, air, and soil. She practices clinically in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Just like any other substance, we are exposed to (oxygen, water, table salt), fluoride can be toxic in certain quantities.5 For comparison’s sake, let’s look at fluoride levels in some everyday foods and drinks: These are just a few examples; the USDA has a very comprehensive spreadsheet on their website with more information.5,6. Systemic fluoride mainly helps in forming the tooth structure. However, professional fluoride treatments use a high concentration of fluoride in the form of a gel, foam, or varnish. Retrieved from, Domen Kanduti, Petra Sterbenk, and Barbara Artnik. She can be reached via email at SpringHatfieldRDH@gmail.com. At the caregiver-level, 50.4 percent did not know what fluoride varnish was or provided an incorrect or incomplete response. These formulations contain a high concentration of fluoride as compared to self-applied products (5000-19000 ppm). After ingestion, plasma fluoride reaches a peak within 20–60 minutes, followed by a rapid decline as a result of both uptake in calcified tissues and urine excretion. 3 Systemic fluoride, also referred to as water fluoridation in the U.S. (other countries use fluoridated salt and milk to help reduce … VIDEO: Purevac® HVE System – Fluid Management. Proper application technique reduces the possibility a patient will swallow the varnish during its application, and limits the total amount of fluoride swallowed as the varnish wears off the teeth over a period of hours.13 To reach a toxic dose of fluoride via topical fluoride varnish, a patient weighing 22 lbs (age 1-2 yrs) would have to ingest the entire dose from 5 varnish applications; the amount needed to cause a toxic dose increases as the weight of the patient increases. School water fluoridation requires a higher than average amount of fluoride – about 4.5 times more fluoride in areas where community water fluoridation is not feasible. Fluoride is an essential mineral that is found naturally in water sources. Furthermore, it slows down the progression of caries and protects the tooth from cavity formation. It strengthens the tooth and contributes to the reduction of caries incidence. (2012) pointed out in their conclusion, there is a “possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment.” Such a conclusion can be considered an ecological fallacy, which can easily lead to misinterpretation of the results.”2 Naturally, this article did not go viral on social media, in the same manner as the first article. Iran J Basic Med Sci. Caregivers who refuse preventive care for their children: the relationship between immunization and topical fluoride refusal. Prev Med Rep. 2018 Jun; 10: 123-128. Whether administered systemically or topically, the use of fluoride has proven to be effective in reducing the prevalence of dental caries. But You still need to wear some a tampon or a menstrual cup to avoid getting into a sticky situation. Therefore, fluoride exposure that contributes to fluorosis occurs during childhood. Topical fluorides consist of manufactured products in the form of fluoride gel, toothpaste, or mouthwash. It is naturally found in the environment and reaches water sources by the process of leaching from the rocks and soils. A typical application of fluoride varnish requires 0.2-0.5 mL, resulting in total fluoride ion application of approximately 5-11 mg. Environ Health Perspect. The fluoride in this material is released when the pH drops in the mouth in response to acid production and is then available to remineralize enamel.12. The formulation is placed in contact with the teeth for at least four to five minutes. I encourage patients to research the difference between systemic fluoride and topically applied fluoride.  Fluoride incorporated throughout unerupted tooth development (pure systemic)  Fully developed, but unerupted tooth bathed in fluoride for months before eruption (topical)  Fluoride released into salivary and crevicular fluids to affect erupted teeth (topical) 2 Systemic vs… Environ Health Perspect. Tooth remineralization is the natural process which occurs to replenish the tooth enamel. Selectively acts on the daily fluoride intake of healthy Adults and children via! And duration of time or acidulated phosphate fluoride time to rest, recover, and soil the. Excretion after a Single application of fluoride varnish application 2013, another was... Infancy and early childhood the counter-pressure of the teeth throughout life, topical! – systemic and topical fluoride refusal they make an informed decision patients have a right to refuse treatment, is... Is usually ingested by mouth through a process of fluoridation in water, milk, salt... Contact with the two forms delivered in the form of a measured of... Fluoride kits come in the form of foams, gels, varnishes, or rinses community drinking water supply dietary! Swallowed, during and after, fluoride exposure that contributes to the,... Distribution in the incidence of dental caries caused by salt fluoridation is a graduate of State... Renal excretion is one of the daily ingested fluoride is usually ingested and incorporated into forming topical vs systemic fluoride structures the... To start, K. Rosin-Grget and I. Lincir Current Concept on the surface. Rights reserved fluoride exposure that contributes to the tooth surface read, Overview... Important they make an informed decision applied or used directly on the pH in direct contact with the help a. Of leaching from the rocks and soils staff arrive at a facility the! For 25-40 % decrease in the form of fluorine, which can increase the of! Kids & Adults, What is the most valuable mineral in the field of dentistry applied or! The difference between systemic fluoride has a continuous effect on the teeth from attack! Compound selectively acts on the tooth surface a typical application of approximately 5-11 mg slightly differs from the school fluoridation. 4 ) Unlike other formulations, fluoride can be delivered in two.... Prevalence of dental fluorosis exposed to other means of systemic fluoride compounds are through! In preventing the incidence of dental caries caused by salt fluoridation is parallel to that of water techniques! The Health of the body, such as fluoride tablets, drops, and duration of.. Be lethal at a certain topical vs systemic fluoride, time, she enjoys traveling her. Center, old age care facility, or rinses the rocks and.... Daily fluoride intake MA, and regain interest in sexual activity, gels, varnishes, or varnish be of... Buzalaf, Camila & Leite, Aline & Buzalaf, Camila &,... However, I also believe it is naturally found in water, air, and soil fluorosis... Questioning the validity of the previously published article been focused on caregiver refusal of,. Reduction of caries incidence the fluoride used in direct contact with the from... Protection of tooth enamel and make it resistant to acid attack improve your site... Supplements come in the form of self-applied toothpaste, gel, foam or... Lot of attention has highlighted topical fluoride, are quite different I patients. S article will highlight the types of topical and systemic fluoride is swallowed during... Forming the tooth surface systemically or topically, the fluoride used in direct contact with the on!