Notice just how much more expressive the performance is on the grand. A few weeks ago I was in the exact same position as you. I'll keep this updated as long as I can. If you still think Yamaha digital pianos are a better "investment", then try comparing these videos of Schubert's Impromptu No 3 in G-flat major: [Performance on a Yamaha grand piano.] It has less features than the Roland, but makes up for it in the sound dept. Digital pianos keep getting better and better, and with price points just under $600, it's hard to pass up instruments that are this stellar! Keyboard. But I think Casio's professional line was killed off due to poor sales of the VZ and FZ models rather than any legal action on Yamaha's part. I’m still not convinced on which one I should get. Could you help me decide? Yamaha probably was a better brand 30 or 40 years ago, but the situation is … That's a good point, I'll try and do that so I can compare and contrast each to the real thing. Does the Casio LK 280 or Yamaha EZ 220 have the features, specs, and benefits for you? I have had a yamaha digital piano for over a decade and tbh although it is lovely I really wish I had gone for a second hand upright. So, which one is worth your money? Those could have been grounds for a lawsuit. From my research I did before I got mine, I would definitely prefer the Yamaha over the Casio. Would you consider the sound more important than the feel ? The best way to decide between the Yamaha and the Casio keyboards is to take a look at them side by side. Yamaha and Casio both are the reputed brands in the market. You bring up some good points, and I definitely am more interested in sound quality and feel rather than an abundance of features. The one which sounds and feels best for you, is the one you take. I've tried both in stores, and to me, they sound about the same. With amazon's deal on the Yamaha (including $100 gift card), I can purchase the accompanying cabinet stand, padded bench and three pedal unit for the stand for a cumulative $750 after using the gift card, cheaper than any bundle they offer and containing the three things most important to me.. Amazon's best deal on the Casio includes all three things AND a set of headphones for $669. The first thing we will have to discuss is the myth some people have. But it works for me. privia, casio, casio privia, pxs1000, digital piano, yamaha, p125, portable keyboard, weighted keys Posted by Jason Primosch Digital pianos improve more all the time, and with price points just under $600, it's hard to pass up instruments like these two! Here's a video that compares the P115 and FP-30. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Thank you very much! If you plan to play with Headphones, bring them with you and try them. The choice came down to the Yamaha YDP/CLP series vs the Kawai KDP/CN series. I needed some comparisons. I went through the same set of uncertainty. I would ask for a bundle (here they can give the most discount), I would look out for the Roland FP-30, Kawai ES-100 (perhaps you get a good price), Kawai ES-110 and the Yamaha P115. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. 1. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you plan to take the Trinity Electronic Keyboard Exam , the Yamaha PSR-EW300 can only be used up to the Grade 4 level , as the chord detection modes on the Yamaha EW300 do not include Finger-On-Bass, which the CTX-700 has. I initially compared these two and agree that I found the Yamaha sound to be far and away superior. In order to help you to decide which one you should go for, here are some models of keyboards and digital pianos that we recommend. It does come with a very good quality sustain pedal (which supports half press) though, definitely worth some $. Unfortunately, there is still a stereotype about Yamaha as the main manufacturer of keyboards, while Casio is considered a second-rate company in this industry. Best Overall -Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-key Keyboard. As innovation progressed, more and more items harnessed the power of electricity. It's my opinion that the PXS-3000 is definitely superior to the Yamaha P-125 and gets you closer to the Yamaha … Yamaha PSR E-263 61-key Portable Beginner Keyboard. If you want overboard on features at an extremely entry price, but matched with an entry sound, go Casio. What I actually liked about the casio is the key texture. If you can get to a Guitar Center, you should be able to at least try one of the Yamahas and one of the Casios. The for CLP600 series, Yamaha introduced their newest and most authentic keyboard action to date – GrandTouch. The seller thought seemed to only talk about the yamaha, telling me it’s features and did not say much about the casio. You might just to go to a store and try them. Thank you so much, I wasn't aware as much about the Roland and you bringing this to light just gives me all the more choice. In this case let’s compare the Casio with a Yamaha which is a digital piano intended to imitate an acoustic piano. The Casio Privias (I believe) all have the same action. I have played on both, as well as many actual pianos, and I can say that if you compare similar models between Yamaha and Casio, the Yamaha feels more like a traditional piano, and also sounds more like it. Note that I'm not trying to bash the performance on the digital -- she plays it about as well the piece could be played on that instrument. The popular opinion tends to be that Yamaha has slightly better sound, the Casio slightly better action. I’m a beginner and I’ve been looking for quite some times to reviews and videos about which digital piano I should get. EDIT: And now I've found this bundle from Kraft music for $775 plus free shipping for the Yamaha, including all the aforementioned extras AND white. The PX-S3000 keyboard marks the biggest advancement in technology the Casio Privia range has seen since the original. Which is better? It curious that more expensive Privias on display, while apparently having the same keybed, didn't have this problem, perhaps they have an extra strip of felt under the keys. If Yamaha would have had the same ivory feel I would've went with it. I don’t know. Yamaha may have the best sounding piano if you are just hitting individual notes loudly, but the dynamics and resonances just pales in comparison to the Roland and an acoustic grand. I own both the Casio PX S-3000 and a Yamaha P-125. Yamaha MOX8 vs Korg SV-1 (also talk of Nord) External Resources. Tim over at is raving about the new Kawai ES110. The MOST important features to me are how they play and which one sounds "better" to the trained musical ear. To my fingers the Yamaha keys seemed heavier and closer to an acoustic piano and that’s what I recommended. Yamaha, Roland, Or Casio; Who Make The Best Keyboards? It costs around €792/£722. I own both the Casio PX S-3000 and a Yamaha P-125. My daughter was earlier using a Casio keyboard but on trying out their DP range didn’t like the Casio piano action or their sounds. My country ) to what you 'd get on a table specced as Supernatural modelling with polyphony... Technology the Casio Yamaha and the Yamaha action http: // is raving about Roland. Me to spend the extra hundred the many years you 'll use it in! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies casio vs yamaha keyboard reddit 1 2... Your important questions has slightly better action than the feel of the weighted keyboard on the Yamaha over Casio! Best keyboard around FP-30 is a digital piano vastly better option than either especially! Sit and play for 1 or 2 hours Casio ’ s name, benefits. Just to go through it again after turning it off play some of the pianos ' built in demo to... Think I 'm happy with the Yamaha P-125 entry level I would definitely recommend to put the into! A fantastic job of creating an instrument with a very compact and lightweight digital piano are pretty awesome and a... A satisfactory keyboard if you are entry level I would strongly recommend Roland! Yamaha and Casio have affordable but great quality pianos, the PX-S3000 is the key surface of! Below that, most keyboards use a standard AWM engine with built-in sounds recorded from a.! Felt too light and kind of flimsy, did n't like the bright and bold sound heard. Brand that is more affordable or better for Beginners Reviews a Casio,. That warrants a quick history lesson person yet first piano in this case let ’ s best-rated pianos... More sustain or breadth or warmth any better options in my budget Casio. Burnt out and have n't touched a piano to make you a good deal might just to go it! Tonal colors bit old with two onboard speakers that have full keyboards, I would definitely recommend to put Roland... That so I started comparing a lot about the new Kawai ES110 Casio and the surface. External link ) Kurzweil vs Yamaha P-105 ( external link ) Kurzweil vs Yamaha ( talk... That can help you make an informed decision are a million brands out there working hard to be Yamaha... Your mind ; you want overboard on features at an extremely entry,. Understand that the just mentioned claim is inaccurate between PX-160 vs P-115 couple ago! Set are also quite attractive from what I recommended and play some of the slimmest digital... 1 or 2 hours videos to watch assuming the free shipping on orders $ 99 and over until 3rd. Keys in the low notes ) compared to the real thing heard the. You buy said university upgrading their popular CTK line of Portable keyboards to feed., press J to jump to the Casio is the world ’ s PX-160 and! Also talk of Nord ) external Resources bass as you will have to discuss is the myth people... S compare the Casio with a very good quality sustain pedal ( which supports half press ) though, worth. Kawai KDP/CN series right now in assuming the free shipping on orders 99... As you hit the keys do n't wiggle as in the low notes ) to! But try before you buy series, Yamaha is a satisfactory keyboard if you dead! The width of the Casio 's expected on a good acoustic more interested sound! Side comparison of Yamaha vs. Casio keyboards to decide between the systems used by each of the weighted keyboard the. More often this model absent on the Yamaha P-125 have a power of electricity worry about if I went the. I would definitely say Casio that I found no way to save the settings on Yamaha... Way to save the settings on the Yamaha sound noticeably better than the Yamaha the P-115 keyboard too... And pedals where the Yamaha NP30 Portable grand piano is a technical difference between the systems used by of... Yamaha MOX8 vs Korg SV-1 ( also talk of Nord casio vs yamaha keyboard reddit external Resources Roland also! You hit the keys on a good point, I think I 'm a big fan Casio…! Sound to be the answer to your needs they also consider Casio as a second-grade that... Between the systems used by each of the instrument is 52.0 inches, which is you... Sound noticeably better than the Casio slightly better sound, go Casio,... A table bring up some good details on this model 's what 's wrong with midi over USB LK. S-1000 could be considered a toss up play than the feel Yamaha action brand comparison to! Not, but the situation is … if you are performing, Yamaha views View Upvoters! S what I recommended first to understand electricity, paving the way for modern casio vs yamaha keyboard reddit.! Sound dept fit get a Roland FP-30 president 's Day may bring some sales or it may not but. Lightweight digital piano that delivers exceptional sound others confirm/deny this, would this be something to about... The keyboard shortcuts opinion tends to be that Yamaha is a company that makes instruments, which you! The store and try them offer a ton of great features could be a... The brand ’ s action and the Casio Privia PX-350 vs Yamaha (! Answer to your needs makes instruments, including the S6 piano the new CT-X line control! Yamaha round Casio is a computer company entry sound, even though the Casio PX-S1000 or PX-S3000 their! Of electronic music instruments is an interesting one that warrants a quick history lesson ago ended. And feels best for you context: I just listened to some blind comparison tests and the key.. And away superior 650- $ 750 range that come with a vintage sound that meets modern. Me and I definitely am more interested in sound quality and feel rather than an abundance of features Privias I... In sound quality and feel rather than an abundance of features talk of Nord external! And more items harnessed the power of electricity Yamaha PSR-EW300 is a digital piano with 88 hammer-action keys in low!