Your company is seeking recruiting and sales strategies that strengthen overall operations and result in accelerated revenues and savings. The second sentence of the bio reads: "He was frightened of public school, loved playing baseball and football, ran home to watch ape films on the 4:30 Movie, listened to The Jam and The Buzzcocks, and read magic trick books.". In these cases, use the same main principles for writing a bio while scaling down the most important elements. Link to your website: When writing a bio for a platform other than your own website - a social media page, another company page, or a guest blog or publication - remember to include a link to your website. She has been honored with a number of awards including Americas Highway Motel Associations Best Economy Motel Marketing Award (BEMMA) three years in a row. Her career marketing documents have helped global executives in the Fortune 500 command the attention of companies and boards across a range of industries, including Biotechnology, Technology, and Finance. Whatever your reasons, expanding upon these ideas can help your audience get a better understanding of what truly matters to you. You can use these examples as additional templates for guidance as you craft your own personal biography. This is one of the most important elements to focus on as you consider how to write a bio. Posey is a skilled resume writer and career strategist who makes an immediate personal connection with each client, from new grads to executives. Here are a few tips from her: Here’s what Mr. Sebag Montefiore the author of “Young Stalin” advises you: If you are looking for quality biography samples we have the best there is. In the online world, however, a bio is a short paragraph in which you introduce yourself. It’s becoming important because most of us cannot be bothered by reading lengthy documents and profiles of any person. It depends on your purpose that you include humor or sense of professionalism in it. Companies are not just looking for a set of qualifications that match a job description. Are there any other biographies written about this person? I find that working with wood is a way for me to connect with nature. Totinos takes a different approach, using a funny character in their bio. So, in order to create a decent bio, you need to follow some simple steps: Here are three bio writing samples that will provide you with the ideas on how to structure a bio and the type of information to include: Robert Jones is Chief Marketing Officer at ABC Technologies, with responsibility for marketing programs, brand management, and corporate sponsorships. As she grew older, Tamira wrestled with her weight, going on unrealistic diets she couldn’t keep. Think for some time about the readers then start writing. He currently serves on the Board for the Career Thought Leaders. By following the tips you can make it more and more popular .male sure to reach out the right people and make sure they read it. In the morning she woke up hungry for more. We are trained and experienced MBA admissions consultants, averaging over 10 years in the field. So read more here." If you’re struggling to understand the subject matter, pretend like you’re having a tea with the person you’re writing about (if you can actually do this in real life – go for it!). By giving her followers the chance to try out her recipes, she's slowly turning leads into customers. I wouldn't necessarily be inclined to follow Chris if his bio had simply read "I post beautiful images" … but inspire me to travel? Related: How to Write a Personal Bio That Draws Attention. Tamira was not about to give up desserts forever—but she did want to be healthy and look great in a size 6 dress. Throughout his 13-year tenure with Microsoft, Shahz has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and building out channel programs.He also developed and manageda profitable business model for high-end enterprise servicesprojected to be Microsoft’s next giant growth opportunities; his pricing models have helped incubate new products into mature revenue-generating engines. When you sit down to write your professional bio and you're watching that cursor blinking on the screen, think about how you would introduce a blog post. He has successfully completed hundreds of successful searches, helping professionals grow and advance in their careers. When it all comes down to it, your professional bio is no different than any other piece of persuasive copy — no matter where it lives. You might use a bio on your resume, company website, portfolio or job application. She knew there must be a better way to get amazing and sustainable weight loss results. Before joining Sleep Well, Doe held marketing positions with a number of smaller hotel chains gaining experience. One of the most common mistakes people make is thinking of it as its own beast, separate from other pieces of writing. Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW) – Resumes, Executive Resumes, IT Resumes, and LinkedIn Profiles Holly understands career transition through experience and education. Robert is a frequent and highly rated speaker on industry-related topics. If you are having difficulty writing your bio, our company offers a service that can assist you. In a good way. She's written content for HubSpot's Marketing Blog for years, and her blog author bio has caught my eye since before I ever started working for HubSpot. The steps above serve as a useful guide to help organize your thoughts for a helpful, informative bio. (P.S. After I tried a few of her Instagram recipes and loved them, I decided to go ahead and buy her book, knowing I'd like more of what she had to offer. In case you are looking for a good biography example, you should see what our bio writers have written. So what? This is especially valuable if you’ve founded your own business or created your own website, as it can give you a distinct brand identity while helping your audience build a stronger sense of connection with your brand. Here you can add some humor and attract the reader by showing some fun aspects of your personality. He found that he actually had enjoyed his work more when working directly with people one on one and helping them with their problems.